JDD-CMP Project

IMG_7306-400x600The Journalism, Democracy and Development–Critical Media Production (JDD-CMP) course was developed at Rhodes University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in response to a perceived lack of congruence between the ‘academic’ and ‘vocational’ streams of our undergraduate curriculum. Taught over the past six years during the last semester of the third year of study, the JDD-CMP course is premised on the idea that differing conceptions of democracy and development have implications for the way journalism is conceived, organised and produced, which in turn shapes journalistic form and content. By exploring this relationship between ideas about journalism’s role and the alternative assumptions and practices of various ‘journalisms’, the JDD-CMP course aims to bring together – through critique – the Media Studies and Media Production components of the third year curriculum into a praxis-based melting pot described as ‘critical media production’.

During the JDD-CMP course in 2012 journalism students from all specialisations worked together and engaged with the Grahamstown community in different ways. Here you can download their JDD portfolios in PDF format.

JDD Agency 4 Portfolio

JDD Projects Portfolio_Agency 5

JDD pdf portfolio Agency 6


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