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Reading made fun

by Ettione Ferreira Dr. Suess’ saying, “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child,” came true for our JMS4 writing and editing students during this year’s National Library Week from 11 to21 March The writing students decided to pay a visit to the Lebone Centre. […]

Not just an average Joe

At the heart of the Africa Media Matrix I found Joe Alfers sitting quietly in his office; the same office that will become an empty shell for the next few months. The School of JMS is losing not only our Technology Manager but a mentor; a visionary and a friend.

City of old and new India

By Ettioné Ferreira Hyderabad is now the cyber mecca of India. During the IAMCR the population of 6.8 million in the city welcomed a few more from all over the world to their modern hub. Among the conference visitors were five JMS academics, Priscilla Boshoff, Anthea Garman, Vanessa Malila, Lorenzo Dalvit and Azwi Mufamadi. There […]

20 years of Democracy – time to take stock

Rhodes Journalism Review – Call for Papers Theme: 20 years of Democracy – time to take stock In South Africa’s 20th year of democracy, the Rhodes Journalism Review aims to take stock of the last 20 years. The forthcoming issue is dedicated to understanding the changes which have and are taking place in South Africa […]

Homeward bound graduate

After two years in China, countless adventures, and with a Master’s degree in global business journalism under his belt, Daniel Charvat has made a quick pit stop at Rhodes University to share his knowledge with students and lecturers. Charvat graduated from Rhodes University with a BA in English and Journalism and Media Studies in 2010 […]

This is how we teach writing (part 2)

On the journey of long form By Fabio De Dominicis The JMS 4 Long Form Journalism Writing and Editing module was a term-long, adventurous, soul-searching, coffee-and-muffin-lecture filled course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Coming from a non-reader (that’s putting it mildly), this course allowed me to appreciate and understand the value of reading. Never before had […]

This is how we teach writing

The fourth year writing and editing course in creative long form journalism saw many interesting stories come to light. Mignon van Zyl went looking for herself and her Afrikaner roots by retracing the footsteps of the Great Trek. By Mignon van Zyl TASK: Write a 5 000 word non-fiction article IDEA: Redo the Great Trek […]