About us

Vision statement of the School of Journalism and Media Studies

The School of Journalism and Media Studies strives to contribute to the commitment expressed in the South African Constitution to “heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights; [and] lay the foundations for a democratic and open society”.

Our vision is informed by the following understanding of the media:

The media constitutes one of the powerful institutions that mediate our relation to, and experience of, the world.

The nature of such mediation is conditioned by the media’s particular political, economic, technological and historical contexts.

Consequently, this mediation contributes to the production and reproduction of the dominant relations of inequality that structure social life, and are implicated in questions  of gender, class, culture, race, geography, sexuality, etc.

The School thus aims to produce self-reflexive, critical, analytical graduates and media workers, whose practice is probing, imaginative, civic minded and outspoken. Such graduates are equipped to act as thoughtful, creative and skilled journalists and media practitioners, who are able to make meaningful and technically proficient media productions.

The School seeks to make valuable intellectual contributions to the broader African media environment, to research, and to facilitate the integrated and ongoing education of media practitioners.


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