City of old and new India

By Ettioné Ferreira

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Hyderabad is now the cyber mecca of India. During the IAMCR the population of 6.8 million in the city welcomed a few more from all over the world to their modern hub. Among the conference visitors were five JMS academics, Priscilla Boshoff, Anthea Garman, Vanessa Malila, Lorenzo Dalvit and Azwi Mufamadi.

There was no ‘playing it safe’ for our JMS group as they decided to live in apartment blocks in the city rather than hotel rooms. The group tried to experience India by trying new things whenever possible.

Hear all about their experiences as told by Azwi, Anthea and Vanessa here:

For a little more on the Indian transformation listen to Priscilla’s discussion: 


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